You can certainly enjoy playing various Lotto games, although you will be barred from playing the American lottery if you are not a citizen of the U.S. and you will be required to play through an agent. Your agent can claim the prizes on your behalf since you will not be able to collect any winnings directly.

The only disadvantage is that since the jackpots are mind-blowing, agents could very well just retain your entire winnings for themselves and you might not even be able to do anything about it since you are not a US citizen and that is the reason why even I avoid betting on such games.

Instead, I prefer to play Lotto and I would personally recommend it to you. You can simply Click here to reach The Lotto  .

With a guaranteed Jackpot of 20 million Euros that is guaranteed by Lloyds of London, the Liechtenstein Lottery ensures that you can get the entire jackpot even if the full amount was won in the previous week. One more advantage is that you can even play one year beforehand if you are interested in the weekly draw and easily check the draws on video directly on the company’s website.

You can play this Lotto in US$, EUROS and even Swiss Francs.

This state controlled Liechtenstein Lotto gives out tax-free winnings. World famous accountants, Ernst & Young manage the draws of the Liechtenstein Lotto and I have personally contacted Ernst & Young before I decided to start playing and found out that Ernst & Young was committed to the The Lotto and this Lotto was indeed serious about the game.

You will also be donating to the Red Cross through The Lotto since every time you play online lotto, a substantial part of your 2 EURO ticket is donated to them.

While other games have electronic draws, only the Lotto has a draw that is also video filmed. You can simply click on GoLotto if you want to get access to the Lotto games.

All the draws will be displayed on the website and you can also play a game ahead of its time. SimplyClick here to reach the site of The Lotto.

Remember that the Swedish lottery retains 60% of income since it is their intention. But one additional advantage is that The Lotto only keeps 40%. When you consider that you would be supporting the Red Cross and that you also stand to win a guaranteed jackpot of 20 million EUROS, then it is not a bad deal at all. After all, you would be donating to charity every time you play and this is one reason why I chose to play this Lotto.

How to play?

All you need to do is to just Click here to reach The Lotto.