The world of Jim White

Sky Sports News is known to rope in the best and the leading presenters for its television programs. It was no surprise when in 1998, Jim White joined Sky Sports News after having spent 19 years at STV in Scotland. Jim White is known to be one of Scottish footballs most reputed and respected names. Apart from being a regular presenter on Sky Sports news, Jim White also presents the live coverage of Tennents Scottish Cup as well as the Scotland Home Internationals.

Jim White began his career with the Scottish and Universal Newspaper in the year 1974 after completing a journalism course from Napier College in Edinburgh. From 1979 to 1988 he worked as sports and news reporter for Scotland Today, a nightly Scottish television news program. However, Jim White became the popular name that he is today after he began hosting Scotsport on STV in the year 1989. He worked here for a decade and then went on to join Sky Sports News.

Despite being extremely popular as a presenter Jim White like any other has also received a considerable amount of flack in his career. ‘Silver fox’ is one of the many names that have been assigned to him.

Alcohol has been a cause of considerable trouble in Jim White’s life. From losing his license to his wife, alcohol has wrecked havoc in his life. It was in 2004 when White was first arrested in Glasgow on the charges of drinking and driving. He received a one year ban from driving and also had to pay a fine. This story also made headlines because Jim White had initially refused to take a breath analyzer test.

His reasoning left the police and the court baffled as he stated that the police could not arrest him as he was going to interview Jose Mourinho the following day. His indignance in not providing a specimen even after he was taken to the police station did not go in his favor. Jim White’s lawyer later stated that though White had certain reasons behind his reservation towards a breath test, he had realized that these did not amount to a reasonable excuse in the eyes of the law.

Even though Jim White’s plea of ‘not guilty to driving while unfit through drink or drugs’ and his failure to give a roadside breath test were accepted by the Crown, he did face the one year ban on driving. After this incident Jim White did express his remorse over his actions and over his involvement with the police.

Jim White’s first marriage to wife Fiona ended in the year 1995, 10 years after they had been married. He then married Avril in February 2001. White’s excessive drinking had been a constant source of problems and finally in the summer of 2003, Jim White split up from his second wife as well. Avril had, it seemed moved to a rented apartment after being unable to handle his drinking. She then went on to hire a private detective and found out the White was cheating on her with a much married woman.

However, Jim White continues to be Sky Sports News favorite. Apart from football he lists his interests with cricket along with anything associated with sports.